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Elastic Side Tabs and Panels


Promea Engineering has developed and built a revolutionary equipment concept for in/off line production of stretchable side tabs and panels for baby and adult diapers application.
Developed for high flexibility and speed, easy operation, low maintenance and equipped with the latest web guiding controls, Promea Side Tab Machine is a fully automatic machine designed to accurately laminate a wide range of materials to produce elastic and non-elastic closure tapes (adhesive and mechanical closure). All elements of a closure system are combined in a self-wound, single roll construction in left and right orientation or in a single laminated web. Colored/Waved fingerlifts, surface printing and pre-folded rolls are possible options for the PST line.


  • Off-line precision lamination of components

  • Simplifies on-line combining of multiple tapes, hook film and elastic

  • Reduces diapers machine adjustments and splicing

  • One machine operator required

  • All products are linerless self-wound tapes

Technical data:

  • Machine speed: 200 m/min.

  • Raw material diameter: up to 1200 mm

  • Finished reel diameter: up to 1200 mm

  • Working width: 200 mm (or more upon request)

  • Power consumption: 15 kW

  • Winding mode: central with gap or contact mode

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