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Perfectly wound rolls are the beginning and the end of each conversion process!
Winders series PW are known for their compact design and rugged construction. Their adaptability to a wide range of processes and materials such as tissue paper, plastic films, laminates, aluminium foil, nonwovens, etc. make these winders suitable to most applications. They are designed to be integrated with an existing line or combined with other Promea equipment to create a completely new process line.

PW/CS Cantilevered Shaft Unwinders
Promea Engineering's turret winders provide excellent web handling for wrinkle-free film products. PW/CS series is available with automatic web cut and transfer. A pneumatically powered fly knife mounted in the lay-on carriage ensures positive start of a new roll.
A speed-controlled rubber lay-on roll installed on a pressure-controlled carriage, puts the film in contact with reel cores rotated by two torque-controlled pneumatic expandable shafts for alternate winding. Each shaft is driven, for one reel in operation and the other one in stand-by.
Lay-on carriage is mounted onto linear ball bearing guides to ensure uniform lay-on control and a symmetrical film path for two-direction winding.

An operator-friendly console to preset and control all winding parameters is present on all models.

  • Reel diameter: upon customer request

  • Reel width: up to 800 mm

  • Max reel weight: 100 Kg

  • Core diameter: 3" - 6" - 8"

  • Mechanical speed: 400 m/min.

PW/DS Double Supported Turret Winders
Promea Engineering's turrets winders provide standard or customized solutions for winding needs that range from the simplest to the most sophisticated. PW/DS series offers standard features, like:

  • Stable design to avoid vibrations

  • Servo drive control for precise winding speed even during changeovers

  • Perfect parallelism of lay-on carriage to achieve precise cylindrical rolls

  • Linear lay-on assembly for optimum lay-on pressure control

  • Accurate reel slitting (shear, score, razor)

  • Operator-friendly console to easily preset and control all winding parameters

The winding action is controlled by a PLC that provides information such as reel diameter, dancer roll position and master machine speed used to automatically set torque and speed/pressure values of shafts and lay-on roll, respectively, according to a curve that a machine operator can easily set-up to fit the winding action to specific needs (tapered tension control). These highly sensitive controls can be set to maintain the winding parameters, so even sensitive materials can be wound correctly.

  • Reel diameter: upon customer request

  • Reel width: up to 3000 mm

  • Core diameter: 3" - 6" - 8"

  • Mechanical speed: 400 m/min.

Other Features and Options
All of our turret winders are available with center wind, surface wind and minimum gap capabilities.
Options include pneumatic slit/trim assemblies, trim winders, oscillating rewinds, reverse winding, tapeless transfer, dancer tension control, driven bowed roll for lightweight film structures, automatic shaft handling and extraction.

PW/HS Horizontal Surface Winders
These winders are based on surface wind technology, and designed for the production of quality wrinkle-free film rolls of up to 1200 mm diameter. They are used in cast film lines, sheet extrusion lines and extrusion coating/lamination lines for extremely thin films as well as for heavy industrial films and multilayer barrier films. Besides, PW/HS series is equipped with dedicated PLC systems which are independent of the line controller and can therefore be integrated into the line of any other manufacturer.

Other Features and Options

  • Web cut system with linear bearing guide, cylinder cushions and self-aligning couplings

  • Oncoming shaft acceleration to match line speed prior to web contact for cut and transfer

  • Pure surface winding with optional center wind assist.

  • Shafts magazine: optional

  • Inline slitting (shear, score, razor): optional

  • Shaft pull out device: optional

  • Shaft handling device: optional

  • Modem connection: optional

  • Reel diameter: 600 mm. with 3" core, other diameters available on request

  • Reel width: up to 3000 mm

  • Core diameter: 3" (6" optional)

  • Mechanical speed: 400 m/min.

  • Thickness range: 14 µm up to 300 µm

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