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Designed to produce composite structures, these machines combine multiple materials to create products with more functions, better value and increased versatility

PLM series enables you to assemble an extensive range of high-quality composite films, by creating innovative materials to be used for a wide array of applications. A flexible laminating line fills a gap existing in the current range of converting/laminating machines available in the market; indeed, this machine represents the ideal connection between raw material converters and finished product manufacturers: here, converted material in output is simple, thanks to an interactive graphic interface that makes every setting operation easy to choose material combinations.

The main characteristic of these lines is the high flexibility which permits the unwinding and laminating of up to four different materials with the following modular components:

  • Axially driven unwinding stand for materials width from 100 to 3000 mm and outer diameter up to 1200 mm

  • Full speed flying splice (tape splice and heat seal splice)

  • Edge/center guiding systems

  • A combination of hot melt adhesive, ultrasonic and thermal bonding units

  • 2 rolls calender with either horizontal or vertical arrangement of the rolls
  • Accurate in-line slitting (shear, score, razors)
  • Nip stations for tension isolation between unwind and rewind
  • Rewinding units with automatic tension control, pressure lay-on roll and automatic flying splice at set length and full speed
  • Finished reels handling systems for diameters up to 1200 mm
  • In-line printing capability up to 8 colors
  • Max operating speed: 400 m/min

Raw Materials & Finished Product Applications
Composites are generally structures comprising multiple layers of nonwoven, plastic film, paper, foil, textiles or specialty films. By combining these materials, composites films are able to increase the functionality and create endless possibilities for manufacturers, particularly in market segments such as hygiene and health care, construction and filtration.

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