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PSW/PSU Series Spool Winders/Unwinders


Promea Engineering is proud to introduce its latest generation of Spool Reel Winding Systems. Spool reels are an effective way to increase production efficiency downstream in the supply chain and reduce downtime in converting lines caused by frequent changeovers, splicing and handling of conventional pancake reel.
Depending on material thickness and width, tens of thousands of meters of a continuous web material can be spooled on one core.

In Promea Engineering spool winder model PSW, the spool reel moves back and forth thanks to a full-servo / gearless system taht drives the spindle and the carriage where it is installed, and is fed by stationary web input, where web is accurately delivered to the spool along a straight line path. The winding head is mounted on a "drawer slide" mechanism that moves in and out along the axis of the spool. An electronic "gear box" synchronizes the drawer travel to the winding speed of the spindle. A lay-on roll, mounted on motorized linear ball bearing guide, ensures uniform spool density control and a symmetrical film path for two-direction winding. Nip stations ensure tension isolation between unwind/rewind sections.

In order to handle full-width master rolls the line is modular and expandable by combining several  spool winding modules. Each of them operates independently from all others.

Spool winding allows effective storage in reel form of flexible webs where bulkiness or width would be difficult to handle in pancake roll form, minimizing the danger of breakage, stretch or twist.

Web tension is uniformly kept from core to full diameter and web is evenly distributed across reel width, thanks to following parameters that can be set by operator:

  • Side shift path of the spindle: determines the spool winding pattern

  • Pressure applied by lay-on roll: determines the spool density

  • Web tension: the most critical factor in determining spool appearance and quality.

Other features and options:

  • Spool outer diameter: from 400 up to 1200 mm

  • Spool width: from 400 up to 800 mm

  • Slit width: from 20 up to 200 mm

  • Speed: up to 360 m/min.

  • Spool core diameter: 3" - 6" - 8"

  • Slitting methods: shear, razor, score

  • Winding methods: surface/center wind

  • Spooling patterns: parallel, cross wound, overlapped

  • Web joints: zero-tail / butt-splice available


PSU Spool Unwinders
Promea Engineering series PSU spool unwinders cover a wide range of speed and tension requirements designed to easily retrofit the unit currently used in your production process.

Other helpful technical information:

  • Spooling patterns: parallel (side by side), cross-wound, and overlapped

  • Unwinding methods: according to spooling pattern

  • Cantilevered unwind: (single or dual position) with dancer feedback and end-of-roll detector

  • Splicing methods: virtually all types of splicing, as specified by customer.

  • Shafts and idle rolls: steel and low-inertia aluminum

  • Web guiding systems: edge, center or line guide

  • Driven entry/exit "S" wrap pull rolls for product tension isolation

  • Accumulator for constant tension process and speed control feedback to accommodate high speed process lines (option)

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